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In the network a huge number of websites. At the same time, there are a set of the so-called unchecked websites. If you, or your friends never used before services of the website which decency at you raises doubts, don't use it. In contact with such a website there is very high a probability of placement on your computer of the dangerous and malicious software which activity are not visible for the owner of such computer and which is directed on capture and transfer of data to malefactors from your computer. Up until the passwords, credit cards data and authorization data on of the Electronic Payment Systems websites(EPS).

For stay on the Internet you must use only the web browsers of the checked suppliers of this software updated to the latest version.

Always check availability of ssl encryption on the websites work with which provides transfer of confidential information. You remember also that the anti-virus program installed on your computer will be able to prevent in most cases undesirable consequences of influence of malware programs on your PC system.